We Can Reduce Unnecessary Incarceration and Crime

Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration unites more than 175 current and former police chiefs, federal and state chief prosecutors, and attorneys general from all 50 states to urge for a reduction in both crime and incarceration. With this group, law enforcement joins the emerging movement calling for an end to unnecessary, widespread incarceration.

We believe the country can reduce incarceration while keeping down crime. We believe unnecessary incarceration does not work to reduce crime, wastes taxpayer dollars, damages families, and divides communities. We aim to build a smarter, stronger, and fairer criminal justice system by replacing ineffective policies with new solutions that reduce both crime and incarceration.


We currently have more than 175 members hailing from all 50 states, from all divisions of law enforcement, and from across the political spectrum.

Members Include:

  • William Bratton

    Former Police Commissioner, New York, New York

    Former Police Chief, Los Angeles, California

    Former Police Commissioner, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Ronal Serpas

    Former Police Superintendent, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Ben David

    District Attorney, 5th Prosecutorial District, New Hanover County & Pender County, North Carolina

  • Charles Beck

    Police Chief, Los Angeles, California

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