We Can Reduce Unnecessary Incarceration and Crime

Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime & Incarceration unites over 200 current and former police chiefs, federal and state chief prosecutors, and attorneys general from all 50 states. Our group urges changes to laws and practices that more effectively fight crime while reducing unnecessary imprisonment.

We believe that the goals of reducing crime and reducing incarceration are not only compatible, they are mutually necessary. We believe unnecessary incarceration is counter-productive, as it can create more crime, wastes taxpayer dollars, and further divides law enforcement from those we seek to protect. We aim to build a smarter and stronger criminal justice system by replacing ineffective policies with new, modern practices that reduce both crime and incarceration.


We currently have over 200 members hailing from all 50 states, from all divisions of law enforcement, and from across the political spectrum.

Members Include:

  • Michael Freeman

    County Attorney, Hennepin County, Minnesota

  • Joseph Lombardo

    Sheriff, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Brett Tolman

    Former U.S. Attorney, District of Utah

  • Ronal Serpas

    Former Police Superintendent, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Steve Conrad

    Police Chief, Louisville, Kentucky

  • William Scott

    Police Chief, San Francisco, California

  • Peter Newsham

    Police Chief, Washington, District of Columbia

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